Looking back, I’d like to remember the densely-crowded gatherings around many of EGX Rezzed’s VR showings was by way of genuine, popular interest as opposed to that most typical of sociological groupthinks where “big crowd = good; small crowd = bad”. Needless to say I had to reach for the beloved “I have an appointment” card in order to keep on top of my carefully-planned, three-day schedule, but even I had to admire the general curiosity whirring about. Even with the titles on show that hadn’t been allotted entire walls – accompanied by designated queues and weren’t surrounded by giddily-talkative young adults who think it’s the best…idea…EVAH…to laugh in the most painstaking pitch possible. Thank God for headphones and nifty “brain-dance” tunes, eh?.

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April 14, 2016