Omen Exitio: Hunger

The events told in Omen Exitio: Hunger start from real events set then within an extremely accurate historical framework, all draped in a typically Lovecraftian atmosphere. On February 11, 1927, a little boy named Billy Gaffney mysteriously disappears from his apartment in Brooklyn. The town is turned upside down by the authorities and the many volunteers who try to help, but there is no clue about the little boy. Only your intervention could shed some light on this drama.


Meticulously scour the locations of the investigation: clues will be crucial to closing the case. The New York of Omen Exitio: Hunger is not the famous one of the Roaring Twenties. Cramped, smelly alleys, labyrinthine junkyards, and decaying houses are just a few of the frightening places where you'll have to apply your reporting skills to gather clues vital to the success of your occult investigation. Juggling the truths, lies and lucubrations of suspects and witnesses is certainly not for everyone, but it is your only hope. New interview-based investigative mechanics will allow you to extract all the information you need to continue your investigation of the unknown. Sometimes you will find yourself disdaining your interlocutors, others empathizing with them, but what you need to pay most attention to is the shadow behind every word.